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  • I’m new to WordPress and making websites.
    I can log into my website’s WordPress at
    Though if I try to make any changes, they appear to be changed in there but not at the actual website. I have already deleted all plugins (as I know that might’ve been a problem).
    I think the problem is either the version I’m using (3.3.1) or because I started changing my website using Weebly website builder. I also used to start my website.
    Any help to change anything on my website ( would be much appreciated!

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  • what changes do you mean ?
    the theme appearance ?

    I cannot change or do anything for my website using WordPress. I cannot change the theme, cannot add pages, or do anything at all.

    i think it is because you are using web builder.

    Yes, i was using Weebly web builder, but not anymore. Would deleting it from the list of option given when logging into fix my problem (not being able to alter things on my website)?



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    If your site was made with Weebly, it will never work with wordpress — weebly sites are not coded the same way as wordpress. There is NOTHING about wordpress at all on the weebly site — so there is no indication that they are compatible. If you want to use wordpress, you need to start from scratch with a wordpress theme from this site — see the themes page for many options.

    How do I remove Weebly from my site and switch it to wordpress? I know I need to start from scratch using a wordpress theme, but can I keep the same URL, (I have already directly tried to change the theme on the wp admin login, but nothing happens, obviously because I started with Weebly.)

    I’m having the same problem as Nathan George 1. I use BlueHost as my webhost and domain. Tried deleting WordPress and re-installing in hopes that would work but nothing. Please help me so I can build my site using only WordPress themes.

    I found out that if you start with a webuilder other than wordpress and then try to use wordpress, it doesn’t work. Try doing a livechat explaining this problem, and he’ll tell you to delete a file; i don’t know which one, but once deleted, wordpress will work. I hope this helps.

    Thanks for the advice. Is the LiveChat with Weebly or WordPress?

    I use the Just Host live chat. I figured the hosting company you used might have one too, but I don’t think Weebly or WordPress has live chat.

    thanks nathangeorge1, i had the same problem and your comments help

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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