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  • Hi,
    I failed to find a solution through the Search so I need your piece of advice.
    I see no visible changes to the body text after customization and social icons are much bigger than required…
    I tried to use two different templates: 1st and 2nd – no use…
    Also after reset and return to the default template – no use also.

    I can change logo image only. All the rest is beyond my power.

    I am using the Divi theme and did not interfere into the email customization area so far.
    Your plugin is the first attempt.
    If I go to Woocommerce > Status and scroll down to “Templates” – I do not see any email templates overridden.
    Please advise where to dig.

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  • Hello,

    Sorry for the delay.

    You should be able to change the body text of the email in Content> Content Text Style. Are you able to make changes to the settings at all?

    The social icons are customized in Footer> Footer Social “FOOTER SOCIAL TITLE FONT SIZE.”

    If you’re able to make changes to the settings in the email customized and just not seeing the changes, there may be another plugin on your site that’s taking resources from the customizer. You could test for this by deactivating plugins one by one and checking to see if it works properly when a certain plugin is OFF.

    I’ll send this onto the theme developer so he can provide some insight as well.


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    The strange things are going on there…
    I found out that my email agent program displays the email message non-changed with a biz font size!
    But at the same time, I can see the changed style if to look at the message in!
    How it can be?


    In your woocommerce > email settings can you tell me what format you are sending emails as? You can set for example to send emails as plain text.


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    I have there is “HTML” settings.
    And when I set TXT format I have the following:

    So if to set TXT format, I see no reason to use the plugin then, right?…

    Correct, it should be html if you want to edit with this plugin.

    So if you are using html and you can’t see any changes with Body when you save and reload the page or send emails?

    have you tried deactivating other plugins?

    Do you know if you have caching enabled on the server?


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    I need to repeat:
    All works fine.
    I found out that plugin works well and I can see the changed body text if to look at the email message in directly.

    But if to open “The Bat!” email agent – only top header/title and subtitle visually changed but a body text is unchanged.
    Also, I have huge social icons there.
    That it is the problem.
    I guess something wrong with the email client.

    Does “the bat” (I’ve never heard of that) allow for html emails? Or are you seeing it as the output of html code without styles?

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    The Bat is the best email client software made in Russia and is very popular here.
    Yes, it supports HTML and TXT formats, of course.
    The email from the website comes in HTML.
    Here the example:
    Here how looks social icons:

    So I think I will have to ignore the users of “The Bat!”

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    Ok, just so I can clear, the font size is what you are having an issue with, is that correct? And specifically the font size of the order table?

    And finally the font sizes changes in Gmail but not the Bat! is that correct?

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    Correct. No changes to the font size in the table.
    All looks well in Gmail.
    The Bat! ignores the changes.

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