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  • Hi, installed this and all my pages look good in Chrome. But in IE 9 the Feature Images look HUGEly BIG.. Strange is when I use the IE8 it looks ok again.. but at the moment your plugin does not make a difference. Am I missing something? Do I need custom code put into pages? Let me know, thanks Groggo


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  • Hi again, a strange thing happened. I had a problem with HUGE thumbnails in the category pages. they stretched over the whole page.. re-installed pinboard theme first, worked in Chrome, but not Internet Explorer. De-installed some plugins I did not need, no change.. then I checked the widgets and re-saved what was there one by one, suddenly everything was back to normal! Thumbnails all good size, category pages fine.. so maybe it has something to do with the sidebar widgets? Worth checking. Cheers, Groggo

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