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  • dustyhale


    The plugin is simple. Has no settings. Only activate or deactivate. No captcha displays on the login or registration. Plugin does not work and displays no captcha.

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  • Plugin Author Robert Peake


    Hmmmm…. are you sure you have the right plugin? People often get here from searches and apparently there are some other plugins with similar names that don’t work well.

    In Settings there is a settings page that allows you to enter keys, configure the IP Whitelist, etc. You will also be prompted (if this is the right plugin) to enter your keys from the admin.

    The plugin won’t work without keys. It also won’t work on pages other than wp-login.php or the WooCommerce login.

    ditto here, doesn’t show on login page and then page complains when trying to login:

    “ERROR : Please check the ReCaptcha box.”

    if user doesn’t know how to disable the plugin he’ll be stuck.

    maybe incompatible with latest wordpress?

    Plugin Author Robert Peake


    @dustyhale @surmingu This plugin is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress as of this writing (5.2.1) and being successfully used on thousands of website, including many of my own.

    Please note however:

    Many custom login form plugins do not call the standard login_form action hook from their login forms, making it impossible to correctly render the captcha after the password prompt. For this reason, this plugin only supports the default wp-login.php and WooCommerce forms. Many such plugins do offer captcha fields (sometimes as a paid upgrade).

    This plugin is designed to thwart automated hacking attempts, not prevent comment spam. Most good comment plugins have their own spam prevention methods.

    This plugin is designed to thwart automated hacking attempts, not prevent spam from custom forms. Most good custom form plugins have their own spam prevention methods. Many of them support a CAPTCHA field already.

    More information:

    I hope this helps, and good luck finding what you need!

    couldn’t let this go without some investigating.

    turns out i had this plugin ( installed with async load turned on and it was swallowing this script for some reason:

    disabling that plugin, fixed the issue. i’m sure conflicts are a major headache for yall plugin writers. don’t want to lay the blame at one or the other in this case, but for me the other plugin forfeits by virtue of its age.


    Plugin Author Robert Peake


    @surmingu thanks for reporting back with your findings. Hopefully it can help someone else who lands here.

    It is true that the javascript from Google must load unimpeded in order to be able to render the captcha on the login page. So any plugin that impedes that will not be compatible with this plugin.

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