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  • I have had this blog for a year, but I just now noticed that there is something terribly wrong with it in search engines!

    Sometimes only the index page shows up in the search, but the archived post either doesn’t show up, or is on page 3 of the index, not the main index page.

    Even more seriously, whether the index page or the blog archive page shows up, neither one works if you hit cached. Only my header shows up!

    What can I change in admin to make my pages cache for search engines? (to cache more than my header!)

    By the way, the search function in is broken, and I cannot search for cache or archive in either codex or on these forums, sorry.

    My blog is If you put Griffith Park Interrupted in google you will see that just the header shows up under cache.

    Many thanks for any help.

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  • I’ve now been searching for an answer for 10 hours, I see.

    The search function on WordPress is still not working, so I’m limited to google.

    Google keeps all my posts. However, they will not display under the cached button. I think this may be because there is a frame in my theme, Mistylook, that I never knew about. Apparently Google can’t see through the theme, and then only shows the header.

    Great. I wish I had found this out before now!!! Google says I can add a Noframes tag, but I don’t know to which theme file. It also said you can change the address or target to be sure that Google knows which archived page to go to, instead of going to the frame. (if I have a frame.)

    Can someone PLEASE help? I spent 5 weeks tweaking this theme, and don’t want to lose it, but I can’t use a theme that won’t cache.

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