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  • Hello:

    I had my webmaster set up my wordpress site (.org). I worked on it, set up a menu and added some plugins (all installed and working. No non activated ones still there. I am using Clear Line theme).

    Next day neither browser (Chrome, IE or Firefox) can find my URL so I can’t access my website at all, neither see it. I cleared the cache and cookies many times. Even disconnected the router for over 2 hours (after that I could access the website and dashboard. Left it open on Chrome last night. Today I can’t get to it again).

    This is my first WordPress site and don’t know anything about coding or advance use of it.

    Please Help!

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    It doesn’t sound like this has anything to do with WordPress. Ask your webmaster – who set up the site – and be sure your own internet connectivity from your PC – becuase of the router probems – is working OK.

    @songdogtech Thanks for your reply!
    Yes, I have had the webmaster look into it but no luck so far. My internet connection works fine. That is why this has me puzzled. I can’t figure it out.

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    What is the site UL?

    To get some clarity on the issue, is the WordPress site set up locally and running in your house or an equivalent.

    Or are you using a hosting provider with a dedicated IP?


    Thank you all for your help! Apparently something goes on with my machine when I leave the site open in a tab. After a couple of hours it can’t be found. have to wait a day, then is OK again.

    It is hosted with a dedicated IP.

    delete cache : ctrl+shift+delete

    Thank you vishalsharma_rs but that does not solve the problem. I don’t know why this wordpress site is the only “not found” if I leave it open in a tab (it doesn’t happen with any other site). Last night I forgot to log off and I haven’t been able to even find it for the whole day today 🙁

    You don’t seem to answer the questions that you were asked that may actually help to point you in the right direction.

    What is the site UL?

    Can you tell us??

    To get some clarity on the issue, is the WordPress site set up locally and running in your house or an equivalent.

    You mention you have a dedicated ip address, but don’t say who hosts your site. Who is your host? Is this a server located in someones home? Or through a hosting service like Godaddy or bluehost, etc..?

    These questions, and access to the site where the problem is happening, could give others a chance to see what’s going on using some tools you may not have at your disposal.

    If you can’t provide a site url, perhaps contacting the support group at your hosting service may do the trick. Intermittent site inaccessibility actually sounds like it could be a server or a network issue, rather than a WordPress problem as songdogtech previously mentioned.

    Thanks ClaytonJames!
    My site is hosted by 1& It is not set up running in my house. It seems to be a problem with my Chilean internet provider who blocks the URL for some reason when I don’t log off from the back end.

    Thanks again!

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    try to clear the browsing history. close browser and reopen. and see if it worked.

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    As ClaytonJames and songdogtech and now me asked.

    What is the site’s URL?


    The site’s URL is

    Thanks for the help!

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    I see your site in IE and FF and here,

    Thank you kmessinger. Yes everyone else can see it but me when it gets stuck. That’s why I think its something related to my local internet provider.

    I can access it OK now, provided I don’t forget to log off when I’m done.

    Thanks for all the help!



    I can see your site just fine. 🙂

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