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  • Please tell me what happened. I installed my Blog and posted a few blogs for a week or 2. Then, restarted my server and no blog. It just gets a blank page on firefox with not even a php error or anything; on IE you get “The page cannot be displayed”.

    Installed a new copy of the blog and it worked… I don’t really know whats up… I think the problem might be in the db… but who knows where…

    What can I do to backup my users, cathegories and inputs? Is there something I need to know about backing up? Please tell me how to reset the blog, if possible, without loosing my users, categories and articles…

    Checked wp-blog-header.php…

    Does this global exist at all???
    It doesn’t output anything if I try it on a blank php file (echo $_SERVER[‘PATH_INFO’];).

    My config:
    Linux (FC4)
    Apache 2.0.54
    PHP 5.0.4
    MySQL 4.1.15

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    First problem – could be a faulty theme so a new one would be worth a go.

    For grabbing all the info you need to backup the database. Do you have phpmyadmin ? If so:

    If not then there will be a mysql commandline query you can use to do the same thing.

    If you have cPanel for hosting, use their facility for backup and restoration of databases. If not, make a habit of occasionally making database backups using the command-line. I retain a stack of nightlies myself, using a cron job such as:

    mysqldump –user <site_id>_<user> –password=**** <site_id>_<database_name> > ~/tmp/blog.dump;

    As long as you keep backup, you’ll be safe. If you are not sure about restoration, don’t worry. Someone can always help you (or you can do the research) provided you make backups of the data.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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