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    I’ve used the same CSS elsewhere and the background shows up… not so on this site (in IE7) > (a remix of Kubrick)

    background: #990000 url('')no-repeat top center;

    Any suggestions? I would appreciate it very much!

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  • I don’t even know why I post to this forum. Seems as though 99% of posts that I view are “not resolved”, and I have yet to receive an answer to what I would have thought a relatively easy answer for someone with a little more experience than myself.

    Yes, I searched before I asked, but there wasn’t a fitting answer to my problem.

    I also realize that there are probably a kazillion repeative questions, but if people are sick of answering them ad nauseum, then why have a forum?



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    1. This forum is very busy

    2. Anyone who answers queries does so freely in their spare time

    3. Patience is a virtue.

    Try moving the background image file into the theme folder. It’s possible that IE has a problem with the URL.

    Thanks esmi… I wish I could jump for joy that it worked, but alas, no luck.

    I do appreciate that you took the time to suggest a solution, and yes, I can imagine how busy this forum is… and yes, in the midst of trying to figure something out with code, I get impatient because I feel incompetent.
    ah well… maybe I’ll just try a different layout/template.
    Thanks again.

    A couple of suggestions:

    1. Try removing the ‘single quotes’ from the url in the background CSS for the body tag

    2. If the above doesn’t work, as has already been suggested try putting the bg image into the theme folder and link to it relatively rather than with the absolute URL

    3. In my experiences with IE, all sorts of strange formatting errors can occur through display value issues, or lack of values. Try giving your #page id a display of block and an overflow of hidden.

    Not guarantees, but at least a few suggsestions

    The culprit is probably the fact that you have no space between your closing bracket and “no-repeat”. IE is anal about such things, so putting in a space might solve your issue.

    Unfortunately here the CSS validator will not identify the root cause. It will just report the browser-specific extensions for CSS3 – and those extensions don’t break the code for IE; they simply create rounded borders on FF, Safari and Chrome.

    Try putting in the space … my 2c.

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    Instead of this:
    background: #990000 url('')no-repeat top center;

    Try this:
    background: #990000 url(images/redrt1.gif) top center no-repeat;

    Also, move the image into your theme folder, in an subdirectory named “images”.

    I think that’ll do the trick. IE is picky about quotes, order, everything else…

    Thank you guys, you rock!
    Otto, I tried your suggestion first & that did the trick!

    I truly appreciate it.

    Change status to RESOLVED: that’s why 99% of posts are unanswered!



    The post and sidebar should have a white background, and the general background should be grey.

    It works fine in Firefox and Opera, but looks horrible in IE – any suggestions?

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