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  • Sadly we’re really missing an adequate backend integration. We bought the whole suite hoping that with all the good features advertised backend integration would be a formality. Sadly it is missing entirely! Hadn’t we already spent the money we would not have bought this plugin.

    Critical stuff:
    * Creating an order on behalf of our customer is only possible via third party plugin
    * Modifying an order from backend is not supported. All those carefully configured rules are useless if our customer calls and want’s us to make an adjustment because we have to go all manual.

    Nice stuff:
    The front end integration is really nice, I can not complain about it.

    Bottom line: I’m very disappointed with the shortcomings of this plugin. If it was for free – ok… But a plugin(s) worth $147? Feels like it’s only doing half the job.

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  • Plugin Author jkohlbach


    Hi @xmoexdev,

    Thanks for the review, much appreciated!

    I’ve taken all of your feedback on board.

    Unfortunately there’s some items there that aren’t possible:

    1. Manual orders on the backend is very difficult for us to achieve because the interface doesn’t provide enough hooks for us to integrate properly. It’s really disappointing for us too.

    2. Modifying an order on the backend once paid is impossible and this is actually a WooCommerce restriction, not a restriction of our plugin.

    Please see here:

    “To edit the order, the status must be set to On Hold or Pending Payment.” … meaning it must be in one of these statuses before you’re allowed to edit order items on an order.

    Again, not our restriction, would be great if we could change it, but unfortunately we can’t 🙁

    Appreciate the review, just really wanted to clear up for anyone else stumbling across this.

    We are looking at providing something in the way of manual ordering, but it would be on the front end if we do it. This is still in planning stages, but let me know if you’re interested!

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