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  • I install the plugin, it did backup on the server but not in google drive.
    on log file says:
    Attempting to upload archive to Google Drive.
    NOTICE Uploading file with title ‘Mag(mcy0ar)’.

    and after that I am not even able to do the scheduled backup on the server.(size of back up is 200MB)

    Thanks for your help

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  • Me too, same problem. I get this far but it doesn’t upload anything.

    Do you get the following error message in your log file after a while?

    ERROR Received response code ‘400 Bad Request’ while trying to upload a file chunk.

    Also, can you please try a manual backup by clicking the “Back up now” button. Do you see the orange progress bar? At what point does the backup fail?

    I do see the orange progress bar but it does not progress (i.e. no actual orange). Log file is exactly as above with no error message just the NOTICE line.

    I did not see an ERROR line. I waited way past the timeout too.

    I am also not able to get anything to google drive.

    Is there a plan fix for this or understanding on what’s happening?

    I’m afraid the author has somewhat abandoned this plugin. In another thread he stated that the migration to Google’s new Drive API was (somewhere towards the bottom) of his todo list, so maybe this issue we are having, which is probably related to the deprecated Google Docs API, isn’t worthwhile fixing.

    I cant even get manual back up the reason might be that the size of back (200 mb)

    Is there any update to this? When I click backup manually now, nothing seems to happen – and the scheduled backups aren’t taking place (even though one did last week). When I try to open that one up in Google Drive, it says “dump.sql” and nothing opens?? However, a backup that took place Jan 13 does download and open. Is there another backup plugin someone would recommend? It doesn’t seem like any of my backups are taking place and reaching Google Drive.. and even if they do, they don’t open!

    my site is:

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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