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  • Hi,
    After installing your plugin, customers are now not receiving automatic emails from me. Emails like: processing order, order complete etc.
    I assume this has something to do with the integration between Kadence and Woocommerce, could you point me to it?

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  • Hey,
    It’s possible you have a plugin conflicting with this plugin. Have you tried sending test emails to yourself? Have you tried deactivating plugins? Is everything up to date?


    Everything is up to date, I have tried to send emails to myself, all plugins are up to date, what plugins should I deactivate? Could it be one of the security plugins? I have both Wordfence and iTheme security. Could it be something else?

    If you can send emails to yourself without issue then I suggest making a test order, give yourself a 100% coupon and go through checkout so you can see if those emails send to you. If they are arriving at your inbox and not your customers then the issue could simply be related to your emails arriving in the spam folder. To fix that usually using an STMP plugin is the best option or using a transactional email service.

    If when you go through the emails are not sent I suggest looking at any Woocommerce extension plugins and testing with deactivating those. I doubt your security plugins would cause it but for testing, it certainly won’t hurt anything to try deactivating.


    Ok, I deactivated Wordfence and it worked, an email has been sent. You say these kind of problems are because of other plugins, either being not up to date or blocking it somehow, yes?

    If it worked by deactivated Wordfence that is strange to me, I’m not sure why WordFence would be affecting the emails in woocommerce. I suggest contacting WordFence support to see if there is some setting that they can suggest might be the cause.

    Hi Ben,

    I am unable to send a test email to myself, i am using the divi theme with woocommerce. the emails work fine for customers when they place orders or rest of the order processes, but when i try to send Preview Email i do not receive it – i checked junk as well.

    Please help

    Kind regards,

    Can you tell me if you are using custom SMTP through a plugin? If not I suggest you try doing that, for example:


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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