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    The good stuff…
    I love the TwentyTen theme!

    The bad stuff…
    I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong here or if it’s just how the new menu system works in 3.0 beta 1. I made up a new custom menu in the menu control panel and selected the pages I wanted and dragged them in the order I wanted them. I then went and renamed one of my pages (from the page control panel) that appeared in this new menu, but when I refreshed my site the twentyten theme still displayed the old page name I originally selected in my new menu. Sure enough when I went back to the menu panel the page wasn’t automatically renamed to what I had renamed it to in the page control panel, but I could change the page name in the menu panel manually… keeping up so far?
    My dilemma/query? I’d like the page names in my custom menu I made in the menu panel to be automatically updated if I update those specific pages in my page control panel… is this possible? I really hope it is.

  2. *ponder* I can see arguments for it both way but I think, since you can ad any page (WP Page or external link) to the menu, that it should stay as something you need to manually update.

    Let's say you have a WP Page with the title "Tom's Super Cool Links!"

    In your menu, that long title borks the layout, so you want it to be "Tom's Links". Great! Done.

    Then you change the page to "Tom's OMGWTFBBQ! Super Cool Links!" You'd want the menu to stay as it is, wouldn't you?

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    Hmmm... I don't like it. If I wanna change a static page name title then by jimmeny I should be able to see that change in the menu as it is normally in the page list tag or in the VERY least have an option for this on the page control panel. Maybe Jane could jump into this query?

  4. Please Add Screenshots
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