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    hi guys,

    for some reason when user from australian tries to pay there are no australian regions (how i can attach screenshot here?).

    which way we can setup those regions for the other countries?


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  • Plugin Contributor Elana Davis


    Hello @nazarkshq,

    ​Thank you for reaching out to support! You can upload the image to something like LightShot and share the URL.

    However, if you are trying to add more regions to Sprout Invoices, you can do so with the below code. If you put that or need to modify or add more regions, you can.

    Elana D.

    //Add below code to functions.php
    function custom_states() {
    return array(
    ‘Australia’ => array(
    ‘QL’ => ‘Queensland’,
    ‘VC’ => ‘Victoria’,
    ‘WA’ => ‘Western Australia’,
    ‘AC’ => ‘Australian Capital Territory’,
    ‘TA’ => ‘Tasmania’,
    ‘NW’ => ‘New South Wales’,
    ‘NT’ => ‘Northern Territory’,
    ‘SA’ => ‘South Australia’,
    add_filter(‘sprout_state_options’, ‘custom_states’);

    function custom_country() {
    return array(
    ‘MX’ => ‘Australia’,
    add_filter(‘sprout_country_options’, ‘custom_country’);

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