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    A checklist for when you are not getting articles in the private training page (many items refer to the Documentation on our site):

    • Make sure you’ve reviewed the Training Videos at our site. They will give you a great overview and resolve many of the questions and problems you may be having.
    • Make sure MyCurator is turned on, by checking the 1st option in the Options menu item.
    • Are you viewing the correct page? Check this by going to the MyCurator menu item and clicking on the Link to MyCurator Training Page on your site.
    • In the Logs menu item, check to see if there is any Activity. If so review the messages and see if you can adjust your Topic search terms to overcome articles being filtered out. See the Logs and Topic documentaion items.
    • In the Logs menu item, choose the Error drop down item (originally named Activity) and then Select Filter. See if there are any errors with your feeds. See the Logs and Sources documentation items for details.
    • In the Logs menu item, choose the Process drop down item and then Select Filter. Look for the message Cron starting MyCurator. If you see that menu item repeatedly, with no other activity between each message, then you probably have a file permissions problem. You (or your host) need to make sure that the wp-content and wp-content/plugins directories both have file permissions set to 755 or lower. If they are publicly writeable (usually 777 permission) MyCurator will be blocked by WordPress from operating.

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