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  • I am wanting to know if it is even possible to not have a public archive of my previous posts, or if anyone knows of a plugin which would automatically password protect any entry older than a certain amount of days?

    I am asking this question for a friend as she prefers not to have her archives public and would rather just show one month at a time, then after that month take down her entries to make way for the current month. She use to code her blog by hand, so she would just delete it from the server and save copies on her computer for her own personal memories.

    Can anyone help me out? Thanks a bunch!

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  • A simple solution might be to just use Pages instead of posts. It wouldn’t be all that different than coding by hand, except that she’d be logging into WP-Admin and editing a single Page every time she wanted to add new “posts” to the site.

    That is an idea, but she also has content pages, which would go perfect with using Pages.

    I have managed to find a plugin, but it only password protects all entries except for the most recent one. I would want them to be password protected after a cretin amount of days automatically.

    I’ll just keep searching, and if anyone happends to come across something like I am requesting please keep this post in mind. I always check my old threads in case someone posts in them with some useful information.

    You would still be able to have additional Pages, just use one of the Pages you create as a homepage that she updates frequently.

    There are also a ton of other ways you could eliminate access to the archives in general, if you really wanted to keep people out of there, such as:

    • Only allow search engines to crawl your main blog page (or your main blog page + whatever Pages she created
    • Physically remove all links to the archives, such as the dropdown/archive list in the sidebar and the Next/Previous Posts links
    • Make the search.php and archives.php pages redirect back to the main blog page.

    Not as easy as a plugin but useful. I can’t think of any other easy access ways to get to the archives off of the top of my head.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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