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  • Hello,
    I’m an absulute newbe to WP.
    A friend called me for help, she has to update her WP version from 3.3 to current because the provider does’nt support the old php version required for 3.3.
    The problem is: when i open and log in, I couldn’t find any “update” nor “plugins” button. The site was formerly maintained by some admin, but she wouldn’t answer mails since weeks as she is night and day with her husband who’s dying from cancer. Apparently she logged in with a different name and password so she sees all of the admin tools. I have the ftp login, so I can read and write every file I want. But I don’t dare to override every WP file not to crash the site and if it’s possible I wouldn’t like to create everything new.
    Is there a way to maybe edit or override some kind of “config” file manually so to be able to update and maybe install a backup plugin and to reset some admin password?
    Thanks a lot

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  • The best way is to get access to a admin account. To do so, reset the password via the mysql database.
    Therefore go to the _users table, select the admin user and click edit. Then paste a new md5 encoded password to the user_pass field.

    To update wordpress without admin access, you have to delete every file except:

    /wp-content/ – Folder

    Then download the latest wordpress version, unzip it and upload all files (except the wp-content folder).

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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