• This is the second quiz where the e-mails to the admin have stopped working. After the first failure I re-installed the quiz (50 questions, not trivial) I checked the e-mails as I went and all seemed OK to my e-mail w2den (AT) comcast.net. When complete I changed the e-mail to scem.emcomm (at) gmail.com and it STOPPED SENDING ADMIN E-MAILS.

    Switching back to the w2den e-mail did NO GOOD…
    Once the admin e-mail fail it seems you can NOT get them to work again.


    I sent 2 support e-mails from the plugin with NO response.

    Going to consider a different quiz, hopefully one that works…

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  • Hey @dens1950,

    Thank you for choosing to use this plugin! Can you verify that the admin emails are not going into your spam folder?

    Would you be able to test the email of your WordPress installation? To test the email of your WordPress installation, please install the plugin called Check Email by Chris Taylor which you can find here https://wordpress.org/plugins/check-email/ or you can search for it from your Add New page in your Plugins menu.

    Once installed, the plugin will add a new Check Email page in the Tools menu. Please go to that page, enter in your email address in the “Send test email to” field and then click “Send Test Email”. Leave the other settings at the default. Please let us know if you receive this test email. Please try this with both of your admin emails that you mentioned. Once finished, feel free to de-activate and delete the Check Email plugin.

    Hey Frank!

    I am having issues with emails. They were working (sending email to user and admin after quiz completion) and now they have stopped. I’ve tried changing settings in several places. I did as you suggested above, checking that email is working on the site and it is. Can you please help me troubleshoot what could be wrong or how to fix it in the code? I am at a loss. I love this plugin as it does pretty much everything we need. (Also gave 5 star rating) Please help!


    Hey @lesles08

    Thank you for choosing to use this plugin! Just to clarify, you did try the “Check Email” plugin I mentioned above and you did receive the emails, correct? Also, can you verify that the quiz emails are not landing in your spam folder?

    Would you be able to provide a link to your quiz so that I can take it to see if I can debug the frontend and check if I receive any emails as a user?

    Next, would you be able to perform a quick plugin conflict check? This process will check to see if there is a plugin that you have installed that may not be compatible with the plugin that you are trying to use. To do this, first de-activate all other plugins besides Quiz And Survey Master. Now, check to see if it is working correctly. If this fixed the problem, this suggests that it is a plugin conflict issue. To discover which plugin may contain the conflict, activate one plugin and then check if the plugin you are setting up still works. If it no longer works again, the plugin you just re-activate is the plugin conflict. If not, continue to activate the plugins one by one and check to see if the problem arises again. If you do find a plugin conflict, please let me know which plugin and which version of the plugin that you are using.

    Lastly, can you go to the “Help” page inside the “Quizzes/Surveys” menu and submit the Support form? Simply mention that you are from the forums. That support form sends us some useful information about your installation so we can start debugging more thoroughly.

    Still having no-admin e-mail on one of two quizzes. Sent you a PM with more information. Not sure where to handle this bug….

    Hey @jabbarsh

    Thank you for choosing to use this plugin! If you used the “Check Email” plugin and did not receive any emails from that plugin, that indicates there is an issue with the emails in your WordPress which is beyond this plugin.

    First, check your spam folders to ensure your emails are not landing in there.

    Then, I would suggest asking your hosting provider about their emails. In most hosting environments, the emails are sent through the server your hosted on and you are one of many sites on that server. So, there can be a variety of reasons why your emails would have trouble so getting the hosting provider to assist is a good first step.

    Something I recommend to anyone who needs reliable emails to be sent is to use an email service instead of relying on server email. I personally use SendGrid but there are several that you could use. Like I said previously, I would suggest contacting your hosting provider first but then consider an email service depending on what your hosting provider says.

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