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  • I have Woocommerce version 2.1.7 and I’m in the process of trying to set a shop up. But I cannot for the life of me get variable products to display. After about a week of messing with it, I finally got it set up right so that it allows options between two versions of the same product, but now when I go to the product page for those variable items, there’s no “Add to Cart button,” so it’s impossible to buy them. The only other way I can figure to do it is to set up each variation as a separate item, but then potential customers will have to click four or five different product pages to buy the same item with minor differences. Also, one of them is an ID card which uses a form to get the info for that ID. So, it will only redirect to one item, which means they would have to exit that item and go to a different product page. This would all be very confusing and a time waster when the option of just creating a variable product would do exactly what I want to do, if it would just include the “Add to Cart” button.

    If anybody could help me figure out what the issue is I would very much appreciate it. And in case it isn’t already really obvious, I’m a complete newb at this and not a programmer. So if you could be kinda detailed about what exactly I would need to do that would be amazingly heroic of you.

    The website is
    The specific product page I’m having trouble with is:

    Everything works just fine except the missing “Add to Cart” button, which pretty much makes it unusable.

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