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  • In your “Usage” directions you have two screens that I have never seen on any of my wordpress sites. Under “Using the WordPress Media Library” there is a screen with an “Add Audio” musical note icon. That row never appears in my posts or pages on any of my sites and they all have WordPress version 3.5.1. They use different premium themes and a few have Genesis but I’m not sure it’s a theme that’s suppressing them. Under that image is another one with the “Audio Player” button listed under the Media Title, Caption, Description, and Link URL. I’ve never seen that button either.

    What I’ve tried:
    –at three different sites with different premium themes (one was Genesis, two were not), I’ve done the following and they still didn’t appear in posts or pages
    –disabled all plugins
    –tried to add media and when buttons didn’t appear, disabled audio player plugins
    –tried in both posts and pages
    –tried in Media Library screen, no button there either

    Was that a plugin you used to get that button? Or a configuration for the audio player? I’d like to know. I have all three of these sites on HostGator. I know they sometimes add plugins during installation but I’ve removed them all because they conflicted with other plugins.

    Thank you.

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  • I have the same problem

    Same problem here. I also tried using a short code and the player won’t work. It says it can’t find the file… however, I’ve confirmed the location multiple times.

    This plugin used to work wonderfully before the Media Library was redesigned in the newest versions of WordPress.

    Make sure you remove the link from the url you insert into the shortcode, otherwise the html markup is embedded into the shortcode and the player will not work. Here is my process until this plugin is fixed:

    1. Upload your audio file.
    2. Copy the url for the uploaded file.
    3. Paste the url into the post where I want the audio player to reside.
    4. You’ll notice the link is hyperlinked which is bad. Highlight the URL you pasted and then click the unlink icon in the editor toolbar.
    5. Then edit your url to look like this: [audio:]

    Basically you area adding the word “audio:” and brackets on the beginning and end.

    Hope that helps. These steps at least allow for a functioning audio player but it’s not ideal. Hopefully an update is coming but I’m not holding my breath.

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