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  • Last week I had a crash on my laptop, where I stored all my passwords and such to my sites. When I went to log in to my blog today I had to reset the password, which I did and had a successful log in. However I know no longer have access to all my dashboard tools.

    Hopefully someone can help me figure out what has gone wrong here. I mean all I did was reset the password and I am the only user on the account so I am at a loss.

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  • When you reset your password, was your username “admin”?

    No, I tried that and it told me the user name does not exist. I do not recall changing it but it has been some time since I switched to WP.

    By default, it is “admin”. Not “Admin”, but lowercase “a”. Which did you try?

    I probably would have tried “a”. I will retry it right now and get back with you.

    Either way “a” or “A” it is telling me that the user does not exist.

    Hmm. This is a hosted blog, right? Not one over at wordpress.COM?

    Do you recall ever deleting the admin user? When logged in, can you see the Users menu? If so, can you see users listed there?

    Yes, I am hosting it on my own server. No, I do not recall deleting it and I am careful about those things. I do have access to all the files through my FTP so is there a way to check and see if I deleted something?

    No, I do not see a list of users. I see the basic dashboard as when I logged in before. Incoming Links, Comments, Posts and so on down the right and on the left is the Write A Post, Update Profile etc…

    I think I may have figured it out. I should have an answer here in a bit.

    I am back in!!!

    Well, c’mon now – spill! What was it?

    (and then mark this topic as Resolved) 🙂

    Operator head space and timing.

    Why it did not allow me to recover my password as “admin” or “Admin” I do not know. However I went to wp-content –> cache –> user logins –> and then the individual user files until I found the PHP file that contained the “Admin” profile. I pulled up the page, which is blank unless you right click –>view source, and was able to see what had gone wrong.

    Somehow “Admin” had been changed to “amdin” when I first created the blog. Since I had always used password manager to log in I never noticed the mistake until my laptop crashed. Once I saw the mistake I used that user name to recover the password and was able to get in.

    Not sure how it ever got messed up like that but it is fixed now. Thanks for the help.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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