• yoyo56520


    the solution seems to be ok, but 30 days moneyback garantee is just false.

    When I purchased it, they had a a big technical issue with woocommerce subscription. When I ask to get my money back (whithin the 30 days) I realize they were not willing to do it.
    Finally the issue was fixed, so technically it is ok, but definitely the company is not honest

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  • Plugin Support lusp


    Hi @yoyo56520,

    To be honest we are quite surprised by your review, 2-stars rating for Flexible Shipping plugin and what you have written about our 30-day Money Back Guarantee, especially considering the fact that the aforementioned MBG refers to the paid Flexible Shipping PRO plugin, not the free one which this forum is dedicated to.

    Nevertheless, we received the ticket regarding the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin issue you’ve submitted via our contact form on July, 22 at 8:45 PM. It was related strictly to the Flexible Shipping free version with no connection to the PRO one. Our reply we’ve sent the next day at 12:02 PM contained the information that the plugin update containing the proper fix for the problem you’ve encountered was released even before you submitted the support ticket. So, as a matter of fact the problem was the plugin installed in your shop wasn’t updated to its latest release. Your answer we received the same day 6 minutes later confirmed you’ve done the update as we suggested and it seems that everything works fine.

    That’s why we find the whole situation pretty confusing since the 30-day Money Back Guarantee you’ve mentioned has nothing to do with the Flexible Shipping plugin available to download for free here.

    However, when it comes to MBG, according to the feedback we constantly receive from our customers it’s quite the opposite – they really do enjoy our Refund Policy and appreciate it’s actually working this way, because it gives them not only the flexibility and a lot of time to test all the plugins’ features but the sense of safety that they get their money back if something will not work or meet their needs as well. Even our business partners consider our 30 days money-back guarantee asking only the exact refund reason in turn as too liberal.

    We strongly believe you’ll give our plugin a chance, letting the Flexible Shipping do what it was designed for and, based on the user experience, we hope it will make you reconsider your current review.

    Kind regards,

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