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  • I have no idea what happened but somebody mentioned that some of the pages on weren’t loading using Firefox. I tried to recreate the problem, but every single page I tried loaded no problem.

    I decided to test at and saw that the slider was not loading.

    Since, I have tried updating the nivo slider animation, asynchronously loading the google maps, getting rid of the translate plugin, compressing js files, combining js files, moving them around, loading those problem scripts in the footer, loading them first and a whole host of other little things. None of them worked.

    When the page does not load the slider, the firefox browser activity window thingy says “”transferring data from” until the cows come home. When I hit refresh, it’ll load damn near instantaneously.

    Is anybody seeing this problem when they go to:

    or is the slider loading alright for you?

    Does anybody have any input here? The best I’ve got so far is “get rid of the slider”. If anybody could save me any time here I’d be absolutely thrilled. Thank you.

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