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  • Sorry, eljefeenterprises, I haven’t been able to think up another solution under this scenario.

    I do see that Nivo Slider has released their own packaged WordPress plugin, and it is only $19.

    That might be worth it, just to grab the supported/updated/official version and be done with all the tweaking. :O)

    Good luck!

    Plugin Author lcrafael


    Im, develop a new version of this plugin. This work correct now.

    I’m having real issues with the plugin update on this one – installed yesterday afternoon, and since lost all the slider settings I had previously. I’ve since been able to get some back, though not all… Example of how we use the slider here:

    But more worryingly, I’ve since lost the ability to edit sliders at all – can’t select effects, nor alter the image order or anything like that.

    The page is also generating the following javascript error: “Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘sortable'”

    Hope someone out there can help!

    Plugin Author lcrafael


    Hi, in my tests, the plugin updated does not lose the settings. I can not imagine what could have happened.

    I saw on your site that the plugin is working correctly. In this new version some things have been added, including a newer version of jQuery, nivo.js and themes.

    I do not know where else I can help, but it can be useful for something, let me know.

    Yeah, I’m confused by it, I must say..!

    The plugin is working more or less as it was, yes, but it’s when I make a new slider that I really encounter the issue… I’ve got no option to modify how it appears at all..?

    And with the newer versions of jQuery, nivo.js and themes is there anything else (plugins or otherwise) that may need to be updated as well..?


    EDIT: sorry, should have included this link – this is what the galleries now look like, as the variables can’t be altered:

    Plugin Author lcrafael


    I just made a new version that fixes a minor bug and add effects, you can test it.

    Cool! How can I get it..?

    Plugin Author lcrafael


    The issue seems to be persisting… Could it be anything to do with WP 3.5.1..? Or is there any code I can give you which might illustrate what the problem is..?

    So it would appear to be an issue with the update eating up far more php memory than it was previously. What is the recommended memory for the plugin, exactly..?

    Apart from that, unsure as to whether any of the below could potentially be interfering with the functionality of the plugin although I am currently running the following:

    Custom Login lite
    Facebook Like Box
    Nivo Slider WordPress Plugin
    Search & Replace
    SlideDeck Pro for WordPress – Slider Widget
    Twitter Widget Pro
    WordPress SEO
    WP Author Slug
    WP Nivo Slider
    WP No Category Base
    WP User Avatar
    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author lcrafael


    I do not think the plugin needs a lot of memory, all the processing it is very simple. Can be joining many plugins or server already exhausted.



    @eljefeenterprises how did you solve the problem with not showing captions?

    i’m using nivo slider 2.0. after updating to 3.1 of 3.2, none of the images in my post category are showing. it’s just blank. and no captions at all. so i rolled it back to 2.0. but in 2.0 i’m still not having captions (the title of the post, i presume). it was all working in version 1.3 but not now.




    @vanwaik I still don’t have this working. I am looking into using the Dev7 plugin instead, but that has been tricky due to the way that the wp-nivo-slider was integrated into the theme I am using.

    It might be that WordPress 3.4 changed the shortcode syntax for image captions and now the plugin does not read them. See:

    @eljefeenterprises and @vanwaik I had the sames issue with the caption. I’m using WP 3.5.2 and WP Nivo Slider 3.1. The problem is that the title returned in the <img> is undefined. I don’t know if that comes from the_post_thumbnail(); function… Anyway I figured out a workaround but probably not very elegant.

    First I’ve downloaded the latest version of jquery.nivo.slider.js ( then in wp-nivo-slider.php line 89, instead of calling jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js, I’m calling jquery.nivo.slider.js.

    In jquery.nivo.slider.js I did the following change l. 95, 96. Replace vars.currentImage.attr(‘title’) by $(kids[vars.currentSlide]).attr(‘title’). Basically instead of takink the title of the <img> you’re taking the title of the .

    if($(kids[vars.currentSlide]).attr('title') != '' && $(kids[vars.currentSlide]).attr('title') != undefined){
                    var title = $(kids[vars.currentSlide]).attr('title');

    Hope that helps.

    I was uninstalling a WP Plug-in, the WooCommerce Checkout Manager because it said it was not an active plug-in.

    During the uninstall, it came up with asking me to delete the files from the server and I said yes. It then gave me an error: “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare nivoslider4wp_install() (previously declared in /home/rcardsne/public_html/wp-content/plugins/nivo-slider-for-wordpress/orig-nivoslider4wp.php:20) in /home/rcardsne/public_html/wp-content/plugins/nivo-slider-for-wordpress/nivoslider4wp.php on line 197”

    I am unable to get into wp-admin now. When I try to go to the wp-admin dashboard it gives me that error again. This happnes whenever i try to delete ANY plug-in.

    I never get back to the plug-ins screen, it throws the error before wp-admin can tell me the plugin was uninstalled successfully.

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