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  • Hi, this is my 1st post and am a total WP ‘Newbie’ so here goes:
    Basically can anybody please help as I’ve scoured the web & attempted to contact the author of a theme I’ve bought and simply can’t get my issues resolved???
    I bought the ‘Cleaner WP Theme’ which is just what I needed and has a Nivo slider on homepage and which was perfect for my project – My problem is everytime I try to activate the slider it simply takes ages for the homepage to load and this error message displays :
    ‘A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.’
    So I downloaded, after researching, a plug-in called ‘W3 Total Cache’ which does appear to make site run quicker but not when Nivo slider is activated (just leaves a white gap where slider is meant to display and takes ages if at all to load, so I’m basically taking slider off my site until this is resolved which defeats the object of why I bought this theme in the 1st place.
    As mentioned I’m totally new to all this so please bear with me: Also, the same script message comes up when I’m trying to load the ‘menus’ page under ‘appearance’ and when this does stop and finally load it won’t allow me to ‘drag and drop’ any categories, pages etc anymore (this worked fine before though); I’ve also got no ‘options’ in top right hand corner, and have tried reinstalling/upgrading but it wont allow me to do this either!! = Aarghh – please help! Many thanks.

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  • Sorry about that, sounds like a nightmare. Unfortunately, if you bought the theme, you’ll need to get in touch with the developer. There are so many themes out there, it’s impossible for us to go buy every single one of them.

    I suspect that the theme is not great and there’s a bug in it. If I were you, I would hire a developer to look at it. If that’s an option, consider posting your job on

    @caramelblue, did you reach out to the theme developer? Obviously for now minify should be disabled.



    Same problem with nivo slider and UNO slider in woo commerce Mayashop responsive theme and w3 total cache. It is an excellent theme but the nivo slider becomes static when the cache makes it a static page, the UNO slider disappears altogether leaving a white space.

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