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  • This is one of the best FREE themes I have worked with. There are a few areas I would like to have more control over and I was hoping they would offer a premium version.

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  • Theme Author Falguni Desai


    Thank you very much @dsardone for encouraging words. I would like to have your suggestions regarding additional features you want to see in the theme. Thanks again!

    Nice theme, but why are the changes made in the costumizer not permanent to the published site?

    Theme Author Falguni Desai


    Thanks @svenangenent. The changes made in customizer remains permanent. Are u saving the changes by clicking on save and publish button?

    Ofcourse i saved the changes.
    There is a false/true problem in the code I ges.


    I am very new to wordpress and trying to build my own theme. How can i add pages to nisarg theme, i have tried adding pages and posts but it is not working

    Theme Author Falguni Desai


    Hi meenumakan,

    The following link will help to add pages :




    Your theme is beautiful. I am SO excited. The theme I was trying to work with to customize a site that I had mocked-up was making my head hurt because the code was funky. Well, according to me anyway. After reading your README file I was at first disheartened that the dropdown menus would drop down only two levels, but I was able to fiddle with the JS a bit and voila I now have three dropdowns. Do you think it’s hopeless to try plugins other than those you listed in your README file? For example, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)? I’d like to create custom post types if possible and use ACF.

    Also, your code is very clean, making it a pleasure to read.

    Theme Author Falguni Desai


    Hello cmdelano,

    ACF is great plugin if you want to create custom post type. It is not allowed to include any plugin in WordPress free theme since themes are for content representation . But if you want specific functionality, you can use plugin. I am also using ACF for my website. Go ahead and use plugins as per your requirements.


    When linking from social media, title and description appear from floating navigation pane, not post. Can this be fixed?

    I’m having the same problem. I click “Save and Publish,” it appears to do so, but none of my changes publish–and when I click the “x” I get the “The changes you made will be lost…” dialog, so it doesn’t seem to think they’ve saved either. The custom menu widgets are there, but none of the appearance customizations are (header image, background color).

    I’m on Windows 8.1 using Chrome.

    Congratulations for your beautifull Nisarg thème.
    When will you offer update version and/or a premium version ?
    My wishes would ne first :
    Menus with more than 2 levels (very important)
    Possibility to increase width for text and 2 columns

    Please advise

    Kind regards


    cmdelano Said
    menus would drop down only two levels,

    This is true but with Plugin “Max mega menu” you can get all levels (i tried successfully)
    However we would appreciate from Falguni an updated version with directly several sub menu levels


    Dear Falguni,
    i would highly appreciate, a modification for button “read more”

    Presently colour green appears only when mouse goes in front of “read more”
    But if not, we can only see “read more” which is not fully clear for a new visitor
    Am i clear in my question ?
    IF not i could send you screen shots
    Tell me

    Hi cmdelano,
    actually with NISARG it is quite possible more than 2 levels with menu.
    Just drag the first sub menu under main menu, (slightly on the right as per WordPress process.
    For next sub menus, drag them exactly under first submenu (ands not on the right)
    See results on here after site


Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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