• I have this original plugin, developed by wordpress.org, installed


    This enables the WordPress troubleshooting mode which disables all plugins and themes for loggedin admins. Then you are able to activate each plugin one by one in troubleshooting mode. This is great because there is no impact on the live site for non-admins.

    However, when I activate the Ninja Firewall I can’t enable any plugin in troubleshooting mode… Ninja Firewall is deactivated but breaking this.

    Do to the fact that the health check plugin i developed by wordpress.org I think it is more an issue by the Ninja Firewall plugin.

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    That’s normal, NinjaFirewall is not a regular plugin. The way it works is not compatible with this kind of feature. You shouldn’t try to troubleshoot it from another plugin.
    If you want to check other plugins, disable NinjaFirewall first (from the “Plugins” page, as it is the only way to disable it), do your debugging and when it’s over, re-enable NinjaFirewall.

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    You are jocking…

    What I have done now is that I UNINSTALLED NinjaFirewall finally

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