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    There’s no way to set field name, which I don’t understand. It always generates a name like

    <input id=”nf-field-6″ name=”nf-field-6″ class=”ninja-forms-field nf-element” value=”53987″ type=”hidden”>

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  • Plugin Contributor Justin McElhaney


    Under the Administration settings for the Hidden field you can view the Field Key and set an Admin Label for the field.



    This does not appear to work.

    Deep within /ninja-forms/includes/Templates/fields-hidden.html, the template does not allow for the “name” attribute (or “id”) of a hidden field to be anything but nf-field-{{{ }}}

    Full code from fields-hidden.html:

    <script id="tmpl-nf-field-hidden" type="text/template">
        <input type="hidden" id="nf-field-{{{ }}}" name="nf-field-{{{ }}}" class="{{{ data.renderClasses() }}} nf-element" type="text" value="{{{ data.value }}}" {{{ data.renderPlaceholder() }}}>

    Furthermore, it would be better if within /ninja-forms/includes/Fields/Hidden.php, NF_Fields_Hidden had ‘custom_name_attribute’ in its settings so that something like…

    "{{ data.custom_name_attribute || 'nf-field-' + }}"

    …would be possible, as is done in /ninja-forms/includes/Templates/fields-textbox.html

    I would not say this is resolved.

    I am having the same issue as the above two posters. The instructions provided by Justin only seem to change how you reference the field later on within Ninja Forms (ie. {field:<admin-label>}. The input itself still has a name formatted like nf-field-#.

    This is preventing me from integrating with the tracking code for the CRM one of my clients is using, which requires the input field to have a specific name so it can change it via javascript.

    Any updates on this? I’m trying to do the same thing and add a hidden field code from Zoho CRM into one of my Ninja Forms:

    <input type=’hidden’ id=”zc_gad” name=”zc_gad” value=””/>

    so I can track who is clicking on my Google ads. There’s got to be a way to do this..



    No there’s no way. The style is to use custom names instead of standard names for things.

    Whatever you do it still generates
    <input value="" class="ninja-forms-field nf-element" id="nf-field-1" name="nf-field-1" aria-invalid="false" aria-describedby="nf-error-1" aria-labelledby="nf-label-field-1" required="" type="text">

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