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    How do I add a description to each item so that when I click on the image, the description appears below the image in the pop-up lightbox? At this point in time, when I click all that it says is, “Portfolio”.

    I would ideally like to get rid of the “Read More” and “View Project” buttons so I can eliminate the need to another external page and just rely on the description to act as the equivalent to the “Read More”.

    Thanks for your time!

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  • Plugin Author Nimble3


    Pleae find the <a> tag with rel="lightbox[nimble_portfolio_gal]" attribute and set its title to the content of portfolio item.


    <a href="<?php echo nimble_portfolio_get_meta('nimble-portfolio'); ?>" rel="lightbox[nimble_portfolio_gal]" title="<?php the_content();?>">

    Is the code you are referencing found in the add-meta-boxes.php file?

    If so, there are multiple instances of that same line of code and I am not sure which to add the title to.

    Sorry for my lack of understanding, I tend to excel mostly in design!

    Plugin Author Nimble3


    Sorry I forgot to mention, its templates/3colround/template.php (for FREE version only)

    When I make this change (love the idea of it in the popup and not a page, it is screwing up the ones that have a link attached to it.


    Any ideas? I still need to remove the Read/View buttons but when I took them out in template.php the nimble_portfolio_title white box remained.


    1/2 the battle is the descriptions. If you have URLs in any of them, it will screw up the entire row they’re on. Removing all the URLs from descriptions (aka this was grandfathered in from another portfolio system at one point) fixes the initial appearance.

    Now to open up a thread to remove that damned white space.. 🙂

    Just to confirm this works well for me.

    I also want to display the item-type in the description. Does anyone know the php to call this?


    In case some of you guys purchased the premium edition and still struggle to set the title not only for the first image, but all appended ones (using the seperate gallery feature):

    edit (nimble-portfolio.php):

    function nimble_portfolio_item_gallery($post_id = null, $_contentid = 0) {
        if ($post_id === null)
        if (nimble_portfolio_get_meta('nimble-portfolio-owngal', $post_id)) {
            $_images = nimble_portfolio_get_item_gallery($post_id);
            foreach ($_images as $_img) {
                $_galname = nimble_portfolio_get_gallery_name($post_id, $_contentid);
    			$_galtitle = get_the_title($post_id);
                echo "<a href='$_img' rel='lightbox[$_galname]' title='$_galtitle'></a>";
Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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