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  • I have a big problem. I have created my site with this plugin.
    I have now installed plugin Yoast SEO but it says on the page no content, because i have used the nimble editor and the pages are showing empty.

    Another editors such as siteorigins are compatible. How can i solve this so can use Yoast SEO plugin, is that not compatible with nimble editor???

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  • Plugin Author Nicolas


    Hello @thaimano thanks for reporting this issue with Yoast SEO.
    It would help if I could connect to your site and check the page(s) for which you have this issue.
    Contact me with this form and provide me a temporary admin access to your site.

    Thread Starter thaimano


    Hello Nicolas,

    Thanks for your answer. This is a global problem with Nimble editor. The problem is happening on all of the pages. Can you pls. check that on your own environment if it possible to use the nimble editor working with Yoast SEO? I can’t give you the admin access.

    Plugin Author Nicolas


    OK. No problem.

    Yoast SEO is a major and highly popular tool for WordPress. It uses the built-in content and headings of WordPress pages, posts, categories and so on, to calculate a score.
    About your request :

    I have now installed plugin Yoast SEO but it says on the page no content, because i have used the nimble editor and the pages are showing empty.

    Just like a browser, Google and other search engine robots display the content of the page when crawling. Thus, any content created with Nimble Builder, whether text or image, is properly indexed by search engines.

    The SEO score assigned by Yoast is calculated based on the WordPress page or post content. The content generated with Nimble Page Builder is not taken into account by the Yoast crawler that’s why it is not included in Yoast’s score. But this does not mean that Nimble Builder’s content is not visible for external SEO robots.

    I would recommend to use the Fetch as Google tool, to see how your page is actually crawled by the Google robot.

    I hope this can help.

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    Hi Nicolas! I had pointed out this incompatibility with Yoast SEO plugin some times back and you soothed me similarly. It, however, doesn’t feel good. People use SEO plugins to not only evaluate their content for SEO but also get workable suggestions on how to improve it. And these suggestions are often really wonderful. Even if we buy the fact that content created using Nimble Builder is visible to search engines, even though its invisible to Yoast SEO, it’s really hard to abandon useful features of Yoast SEO plugin.

    My request, therefore, is that please try to find a way to remove this incompatibility with a very popular and very useful plugin instead of suggesting use of native google tool. Nimble builder is no doubt a great plugin, which is becoming a lot more awesome day by day, but, to be frank, its really hard to choose it over Yoast SEO plugin.

    I wish to use both!


    Plugin Author Nicolas


    Hi @t2m, yes I’m actually with you.
    I would love to integrate Nimble Builder to Yoast content analysis.
    I’m currently exploring their exposed API to see what they offer for third party developers.

    Meanwhile I need to understand how you use Yoast.
    Let’s the example of a page. What is typical workflow for you ? What are the tools you use in the picture below ?
    Is there any other Yoast content analysis tool that Nimble Builder could be integrated with ?

    Thanks for willingness to integrate with Yoast SEO plugin!

    The typical workflow with Yoast plugin is as follows. After finishing the post, one typically sets the ‘Focus keyphrase’. (‘Add related keyphrase’ is a premium feature which I do not have.) Yoast SEO then generates a report enumerating the goods and bads about the content as below:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    This analysis report is often very helpful and suggestions are easy to accomplish. Following these suggestions often yields great result.

    ‘Readability analysis’ is also very helpful. I, however, do not follow many of its suggestions but other users may be following these up to the hilt.

    Plugin Author Nicolas


    OK thank you

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