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  • Right I’m about to rip my hair out!! As of yesterday for no apparent reason my wordpress posts just stopped showing my featured image, I now just get the web address post link, no image nothing not even a default image. If I go back to older posts they can be shared fine, so it’s obviously something that has just changed, the only thing I have done is a theme update about two days ago.

    After hours of trawling through post after post I’ve tried deactivating all plug ins (I dont you jetpack’s authorize) I only use Yoast SEO which is set to deafult settings as I’m a new person to this wonderful world of coding. I’ve rant the facebook debugger which makes no sense but looks like this:

    Errors that must be fixed
    More Than One OG URL Specified Object at URL ‘’ of type ‘article’ is invalid because it specifies multiple ‘og:url’ values: http://www.knights…See more

    I’ve tried deleting that post but then when the facebook debugger is ran it says the same error code on another post, deleted that and so on an on.

    I’ve also ran the markup validation on my site which comes back 75 errors and 1 warning, nearly all errors say this …

    Bad value 660055499827351213_609314130 for attribute rel on element a: Not an absolute URL. The string 660055499827351213_609314130 is not a registered keyword or absolute URL.

    Not all thought! So obviously somethings went wrong somewhere, everythign has been working fine the last few months just till yesterday, if ne of you geniuses could have a look possibly and see what chaos is going on, I’d be awfully grateful!

    The site is

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