• I installed this plugin and it worked as advertised. I moved forward with it and bought a personal license. After that license expires you can no longer see the user forums. The free documentation sucks! You will not be able to make any customizations without use of the support forums. Who wants to pay $100 just to get some trivial answer to problems like “how do I change the text that says register on the submit button to instead read purchase”. Ohh and any plugin upgrades you make will wipe those changes out.

    Currently my plugin is throwing an error message. You can see that someone has responded on the forum to a user with my exact problem. However you cannot see the solution without paying another $100. It really irritates the hell out of me. Therefore I recommend that you should not move forward with this plugin unless you are fine with paying each year to read forums.

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    Just out of curiosity, if you had such a nightmarish experience why did you rate the plugin 5 stars?

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    Sorry to hear you’re irritated. I’m having trouble understanding your compliant.

    You started with Event Espresso 3 Lite and then moved the the premium version by purchasing a personal support license. The premium version worked as you expected but you did not renew your support license and it has since expired.

    Your purchase for over on EventEspresso.com isn’t for the software.

    It is actually a support license that provides you access to various resources including software downloads, documentation, and our support team via our support forums. If your support license has expired, then you would no longer have access to some of these resources. However, you can continue to use your software as-is.

    Our team would not knowingly provide assistance with making changes to the core plugin. We recommend that templates be moved and edited in this location:


    This is to ensure that your customizations are not lost on a software update.

    You made a false statement. The templates I edited were in fact moved to this location: wp-content/uploads/espresso/templates

    However I downloaded the latest version of the plugin right before my support ended. Once I got around to upgrading, it rolled back a few customizations I had made a year ago. If I remember correctly I had to edit an .MO file or something absurd like that simply to change the text on one of the buttons.

    I am not paying $99 to read some forum posts. The price is absurd. I am not even trying to ask any new questions. I just want to see an answer that is already right there.

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    Weird. Not sure why you gave this review 5 stars if you are having so many issues or why you are posting about the support license here, but whatever. Editing the language files is the standard procedure to change text in WordPress and other plugins.

    Here are some links that may help:

    Community forums that don’t require a support license to get help:

    Our documentation is open to everyone:

    Here is some info on editing the template files:

    I certainly hope you have a better experience 🙂


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