• One of the worst plugin i have ever buy. The system is tragic full of bugs. The support may take week to send a simple reply and they dont provide any solutions. Import, export not working. I must downgrade the plugin in order import to work and and then updated again just for export. And the bugs dont stop there. Custom fields are lost after update, speed is terribly slow. We have report all these bugs but nobody answer. Only if you manage to spend your time to send 2-3 email per day for the same reason then will answer you. For sure the worst erp-crm plugin for wordpress.

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  • Plugin Support Mehedi Hasan


    Hello @scanner2005

    We, team WP ERP is really felt sorry to hear you had a bad experience. We understand somehow you faced a problem with the solution but the statement you have given ‘full of bugs’- might not correct.

    I understand you somehow went through a problem, as having a technical problem is not an unusual case. We have a dedicated support team to solve the problems in those cases. As mentioned, you reached to the support but somehow they delayed in response(I believe it was on the weekends, otherwise, they reply within 24 hours).

    I agree export-import was causing a problem when you had invalid data in the CSV, without showing the error message. We have already solved it, added an error message, and released version 1.6.9.

    Custom Field builder is in full of operational, as you can check it on the demo.

    Speed more likely depends on your server, @scanner2005; considering a better server will help you to get a faster response from your site.

    Anyway, I’m not arguing as I can totally understand your frustration. Sometimes misunderstandings like this can happen!
    We want you to use & run WP ERP smoothly on your site. If the problems you are facing are really a problem of WP ERP, we’ll surely solve them with priority. Just reply to the conversation you were having with our support and mention you want to talk with Mehedi. I’ll personally take care of you.


    Chris Bangs


    I installed the plugin, created one employee and it locked me out of my regular admin features. I couldn’t uninstall, restore backups, anything. After hours of scouring the web and several unsuccessful solutions, I unfortunately took the advice of doing a full account restoration from cpanel. Now even the login page is telling me I dont have permission to load it at all. Today was an important day to have the site up. I never imagined this script was going to be so intrusive that I could not use the standard procedures used to back out of a plugin, much less this.

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