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  • scooterchick

    I upgraded to the most recent version of WP and then went and got the most recent nightly build. Are those builds progressive or do I need to install ALL of them?
    I’m trying to find the place to turn on the ‘my-hacks.php’ but I don’t see it anywhere.
    I also have a issue now under the ‘write’ function… the box for the catagories is a up and down rectangle shape instead of a horizontal box.

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  • My-hacks.php support can be turned on in the miscellaneous options dialog.
    The builds are progressive. The nightlies are not recommended for regular use, they are intended to be for testing only.
    I could not quite understand the last question regarding the categories. How does the format of display matter?

    as far as I knew categories have always been like that. What build were you on before, and was there a modified wp-admin.css file by any chance?

    eh well I downloaded the recent one anyway… do I need to undo it?
    No that has not always looked like that… it pushes the actual box for the post way down on the screen.
    I don’t remember what build… I downloaded like in April or something originally and haven’t upgraded until now.

    Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    The nightlies are in good shape at the moment and have lots of bug fixes, a revamped permalink engine, clean post navigation URLs, and other nifty things. Big, unstable changes can go in at any moment, however.

    okay okay… me no touchy anymore nightlies 😀

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