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  • this is a quick solution and it works ..but some script can stop working completely and you will lose your some javscript functionality it would be great if it had some options to opt out specific scripts that must load first

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  • Plugin Author Joshua David Nelson


    Thanks for the favorable rating! I’m curious which plugins/scripts you had conflicts with? It would be helpful for me (I’m starting a list) so I can let others know, as well as improve this plugin.

    Also, I’ve written up a way to exclude scripts from this plugin (or rather, add them back into the header), see here. Hope that helps!


    Hi Joshua.. I use Jquery-Ui for auto suggestion but when I used this plugin, the auto suggestion stopped working, script was enqueued via function.php so I had to deactivate this plugin till I find a solution and yea putting the script in the head section should work but I would prefer to do it via functions.php


    Plugin Author Joshua David Nelson



    Yea, there are other plugins out there that can minify your scripts to help with load times but I’m not sure if there is one that will let you pick-and-choose which you place in the footer and which go in the header.

    Because this plugin essentially removes the action of enqueuing scripts, you have to place scripts in the header “the old fashion way.” Hence the solution I posted above of de-enqueing the script and placing its code manually in the header. It achieves the same thing, done via your functions.php file, but isn’t “standard practice.”

    At some point in the future I want to expand this plugin to give the option to pick and choose, and it might be built off of this solution – or a process of de-enqueuing specific scripts and re-enqueuing with the $in_footer variable of wp_enqueue_script set to true, I just haven’t had time to build and test an expanded version of this plugin yet. For now it’s a broad-stroke solution that works well in most cases, but may not be for everyone.

    Thanks for the feedback!


    thanks Joshua for your reply I appreciate it btw I have activated the plugin again with the solution you suggested using the wp_head hook and yea it works.. first it didn’t go through my mind and yea I have already said that this plugin is a quick solution and it works well and improves the page speed *thumbs up* !!



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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