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    On mobile, when I scroll down on the menu to select an item lower down on the menu, the whole menu disappears, and therefore unable to see or select the lower items on the menu or sub-menu.

    Is there a recommended solution/plug-in that can resolve this?

    On the desktop the sticky menu works fine.

    Thank you

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  • Can you please post a link to your site so we can inspect it? Thanks.

    Thank you for the quick reply.

    The problem is this rule:

    .kopa-boxed .sticky-header {

    Did you put this rule in there? It pushes the menu out to the right when you scroll down. If you want to see what’s happening, make your desktop browser the same width as a cell phone, click the Menu link so you see the mobile menu, then scroll down so the menu disappears. Now gradually make your browser window wider until you see the menu appear on the right. That’s what is happening, that CSS rule is pushing your menu off to the right because it’s too wide for a cell phone screen.

    You should probably put it into a media query so it’s only active at screen widths greater than 979px (which is when the mobile menu appears).

    By the way, you should not be making changes to the theme files directly. If you ever update the theme, your changes will be lost. You should be using the theme’s Custom CSS option to add your own CSS rules.

    Excellent, thank you, it works perfect.


    I face exactly same issue.
    When I inspect element and get iphone 5 or 6 it works fine, but when i try from mobile it disapear once i scroll. My website is

    Appreciate your help as i tried lot of workarounds from lot of forums but failed to solve it

    @ramimakram, this forum is for questions about the Nictitate theme, and you are running the Flat Responsive theme. Can you please post your question in the Flat Responsive support forum? The theme author can probably help you there. Your issue is different than the original poster, and you should not be hijacking another person’s thread. Thanks.

    @crouchingbruin, sorry i have just registered to WP forums yesterday, and i found great support from you so i thought you may help me. Thanks i will remove the post

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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