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    I’ve been working on this site for a couple months now. It started out on blogger, then went to MT for about five minutes. Then to WP 1.02, back to blogger, and finally I re-settled on WP 1.2. I couldn’t be happier with it. Knowing a little about PHP definitely helped me to make the site my own, while still taking advantage of all the cool WordPress features.
    One notable thing about this site is that it’s all based on a single index.php. I used if/else statements to determine what content is included in the main content area.
    Let me know what you think of the site, including any of the switchable stylesheets.

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  • 芒藛鈩⒚?鈥犆⑺嗏劉 mode/#css [+b *!*@*.dk] by huphtur

    Thanks for taking a look at the page. The extended colornames were done in my last design (when I was first learning CSS) and simply got copied and pasted into the new layout. The lack of quotes around the fontnames was also just a carryover from the old cut-and-pasted code.
    em versus px is as much a matter of preference as what colors to use. I prefer a fixed layout. My last design was done in em’s but I find that pixels are particularly nice when designing switchable stylesheets, as such layouts require a lot of absolute positioning.
    I haven’t come across a browser that didn’t recognize underscores. Do you know which ones?
    I couldn’t find any redundant or unnecessary code in the #usermenu section. Could you point it out?
    I’m sorry if you’ve had a bad experience in #css. The channel exists as a place where fellow developers can share ideas and stay up to date. We also try to help people who come in with questions. Often, people seem to think as if they’ve been done wrong because they didn’t like the answer we gave them. Then they get hostile and start making matters personal. I see this all the time. If you ask for somebody’s opinion, it stands to reason that you should respect that opinion.
    It’s not my place to speak for huphtur, zAlanM, or anybody else in #css other than myself. But when somebody comes into your channel, asks you a question, and then calls you stupid, how are you supposed to react?

    The same kind of thing goes on at alt.html.critique (Usenet). Someone will come in (usually with a horrible website) and ask for “constructive criticism”, some even claiming in their request that their hide is thick. Then when the regular posters (whose opinions I value and respect as most of them are professional web designers with years of experience and training) pick apart the creation like a chicken bone, the OP spends most of the time there defending his site, instead of taking the tidbits and learning from them.
    It reminds me of a saying my mother had: “Never ask a question you can’t stand to hear the answer to.”
    Just a note, in your green (wimpy) skin, doesn’t look like there’s links on the side to change the skin so that wimpy is the end of the line unless you hit the Back button and go to the previous skin.

    @ njbar Part #1
    we were “discussing” about eggdrops etc…
    [ 17:24:49 ] [ @zAlanM ] there is no function that a bot can perform that is worth having a bot around for.
    [ 17:24:56 ] [ Mindscrew ] back when you could drop someone’s carrier or make them have to reset their terminal
    [ 17:24:57 ] [ Mindscrew ] eheh
    [ 17:25:03 ] [ @huphtur ] no bots in here please
    [ 17:25:12 ] [ @zAlanM ] agreed
    [ 17:25:38 ] [ wooolF ] there is… security news, google search, imdb search, AI etc… anyway, gotta go to shower and then off to party…ttyl
    [ 17:26:01 ] [ @zAlanM ] those are good reasons to have a browser
    [ 17:26:20 ] [ wooolF ] broswer can’t have AI… *sigh*
    [ 17:26:24 ] [ @zAlanM ] or a couple of aliases in your local client
    [ 17:26:30 ] 脗路 脗路 Nick : wooolF : [ wooolF^aw ]
    [ 17:26:31 ] [ @zAlanM ] AI = crap
    [ 17:26:37 ] [ wooolF^aw ] in your opinion…
    [ 17:26:38 ] [ xyux^pc ] haha, megaHAL
    [ 17:26:43 ] [ xyux^pc ] fun for 10 minutes
    [ 17:26:45 ] [ @zAlanM ] you know what?
    [ 17:26:53 ] 脗路 脗路 ChanMode : zAlanM sets mode [ +b ] *!*
    [ 17:26:53 ] 脗路 脗路 This : [ *!* ] ban affects : [ wooolF^aw ]
    [ 17:26:53 ] 脗路 脗路 Kicks : you were kicked from #css by [ zAlanM ] : [ my opinion is right. 馃檪 ]
    Lame? Yes, very…

    @ njbar Part #2
    You have #usermenu two times in your CSS… At least did… I just rechecked CSS and see it only once.
    first time it was like:
    #usermenu { position: relative; margin: 10px 10px 0 220px; border: solid 1px #000; border-bottom: none; height: 28px; background-color: #A7C7DF; font-size: 10px; }
    and second time like:
    #usermenu { display: none; }

    MaxT: Are/were you wooolF?
    Yes –> Then you deserved to be banned, you’re annoying.
    No –> Why do you care? And why do you even keep IRC logs?
    And don’t even get me started on dissecting your site.
    Every site has it’s flaws, even yours.
    Anyway, lets not use WP Support to continue this retarded flame.
    IRC is a much better place for that. You know where to find me.

    Thanks, jonimueller, for your input. I imagine you probably checked out the “wimpy” style as I was working on it, which was most of yesterday evening. All should be working now as soon as I solve a transparency issue.
    Wolfy, you still have an IRC log. That’s like creepy stalker stuff. I’m done with you, man.

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