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  • Although there are few issues. Nonetheless, this is a lot nicer UI.
    Those who don’t like new UI, I suggest
    – Use it and get used to it. Write several long enough articles.
    – Some plugins don’t work, use legacy UI until they support new UI

    Even with handful cons, it is nicer UI overall.

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    Thanks for the review @yohgaki. It’s great you are finding the UI better. What functionality wise are you most excited about with the new editing experience?

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    Besides technical advancements, “block based editing” has great advantages.

    • More focused editing. When writing articles, writers are interested in “the block” they are writing. New UI can access block type/etc directly.
    • Shortcut by “/”. By typing “/” in the new block, writer can choose new block type easily.
    • More controls and features by block. Block supports many types – inline, common, style, layout, widget and embed. Having the same ability with old UI would result in messy UI.
    • Blocks are reusable. No more cryptic special tags for them.
    • Blocks are movable. Writers often want to move paragraph when editing article. Moving element is a lot easier and precise.
    • In place HTML editing by block. Sometimes writers want to edit in HTML mode, new UI allows to edit “the block”‘s HTML only. Old UI has to find where the HTML for the block, then edit html.
    • Block opens window for more features. Adding new useful feature is easier, isn’t it? I’m existing to see such plugins.

    New block based UI allows more focused editing while it allows feature rich editing with clean/simple UI. Nice work. Users should be able to get used to it and realize its advantages.

    Some plugins are not compatible with new UI. I guess that’s the reason why so many users are not satisfied with new UI. Time will resolve compatibility issues, hopefully soon.

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    Since many users are furustating, you may want to add following feature

    • Disable block highlighting and give limited access to current block by toolbar.

    The UI should look like older UI. It should be optional setting, IMO.

    Blocks are movable. Writers often want to move paragraph when editing article. Moving element is a lot easier and precise.

    Actually, writers often want to move a chunk when editing, and this is exponentially more difficult in Gutenberg than in the current editor.

    A chunk is not necessarily a paragraph. It is a passage of any length or content, defined by the writer for any given chunk. So I might have one chunk with three paragraphs; another with four and an image; another with two and two images, etc. In the current editor I can move such chunks with a simple copy-and-paste.

    Now try moving such a chunk with Gutenberg. Clue: you can’t. Instead, you have to move stuff paragraph by paragraph (and also move each image separately because each image has its own block). That’s a nightmare.

    Even apart from all Gutenberg’s other shortcomings — and there are many — this alone makes it hopeless for writing anything but a short blog post.

    I use Elementor, probably a bit worse for writing directly onto the UI than Gutenberg. I use Word for anything other than a para or two. For me it is a small price to pay for the convenience of a page builder.

    However, and it is a big one, I recognise the problem and it is the main fault with Gutenberg at the moment. I hope it goes away before 5.0 is released. Any chance of that. WP guys?

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    Blocks cannot move at once. Blocks can cut & paste though.
    It’s nicer, if drag and drop is supported.

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