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  • I had modified Codegurl’s nicer archives to work with 1.0+ but had forgotten about the mutiple categories stuff. I tried to work around it today to no avail and it was bothering me enough that I finally gave up and redid the archives to work with mutiple categories.
    You can see it at work at
    Since posts have multiple categories, they show up under multiple times in archives. In other words, a post listed under “general” and under “code” will show up twice in these archives. There is a sort option for ascending and descending, sort by author, date, title, category (of course). I also took the libery of integerating it into the WP framework of pages so it follows the same CSS file and shows the menu.
    Please post bugs on here.
    Download the source here:

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  • I could hug you, thanks. It’s working just fine.
    The only problem is, when you select sort by category and a year, it shows all the years categories anyway. But I can live with it (for now :).

    Fixed the year thing and also added a fix for author. Check it out!

    OOOOhh perfect!

    I can’t get the categories to display when sorting by category. I have seven categories right now, but they are not being displayed in category sort mode. All seven categories are displayed when called from the WP list_cats() function.
    As near as I can tell, the entire “elseif (‘category’ == $orderby)” block in function archive_header is not working. Or maybe it’s the “if ($HTTP_POST_VARS[“orderby”] == ‘category’) {” test.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Very nice archive system, thank you!

    Hi, so is this version supposed to have it show up multiple times in the categories and the subcategories? or not?
    I’m confused..
    Also, I think it was this one I put in, it listed the titles of private posts and drafts in the sort by category..

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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