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  • I like Atahualpa and the ease with which I can customize it — using their system, I am not skilled enough to make hard code changes, so it’s perfect for me — and I have been happy enough with the updates in the years I’ve used the theme. Unfortunately, with the most recent update, the developers have completely broken RSS feeds and have not yet issued an update thought it’s been more than a week and you can only get the patch to fix it if you’ve donated $20 to them.

    I understand the labor that goes into building and updating a theme and have no qualms with their asking for donations or even pay, but to break something so severely with your update and then refuse to fix it without cash? That’s really, genuinely low.

    For that reason, I cannot recommend the theme. I’ll be spending the next few days hoping to find an adequate theme and escaping these people. Don’t make my mistake.

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  • I have been using Atahualpa for several years as it is a great and flexible theme. Unfortunately it is not responsive yet, and even worse, read this about the plans for the near future.

    As far as I understand, the new free theme will be stripped of a lot of nice features, instead, there will be lots of to be paid plugins and one would even have to pay for a plugin like Live Customizer for control. I don’t mind paying a reasonable price for a theme or for a plugin (if all updates would always be free…), but I do mind to be kept in the dark. And this is what has been happening for too long a time for me.

    So, I’ve begun to search for an alternative for the Atahualpa theme. At the moment, I think Suffusion is a surprisingly flexible, great theme! And on the active forum one gets fine answers (mostly by volunteers) to posed questions. Perhaps there are more such very nice customizable and preferably free and tested themes?

    Hopefully, the makers of the Atahualpa theme will provide us with some clear information on their new plans for Atahualpa soon, because, after all, I still do love the customization options of Atahualpa and I would regret having to switch to another WordPress theme.

    I gave the wrong link above. The active forum for users of Suffusion is:

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