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  • I wish you guys would have a 24hr online support.

    I’ve been trying to fix the plugin issue for a couple of weeks now and been trying to search the forum regarding the issue about strange url characters on email header. I found one forum post, however they are not able to resolve the issue.

    I sent a post to your forum page as bug report. I hope you would get back to me asap.

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  • Plugin Author Steve Truman


    Hello Brian

    Well this is certainly a surprise – a 2 star rating for ‘horrible support’ for your Pro version WP Email Template.

    Here is a link to the support topic you posted on the 27th of May 2015 at 3:06 am (Australian time)

    You will see that we replied to you the same day @ 12:52 pm with a request for access creds to your site with wp-admin and ftp creds to look at the issue for you

    You replied @ 1:07 pm with wp-admin access creds as a private post on the forum

    We relied to you 9 minutes later @ 1:16pm that we could needed FTP access creds as well to have deeper access to see the problem.

    You relied 3 minutes later @1:19pm posting FTP access creds in a Private post

    We replied 7 minutes later @ 1:26pm that we could not access using the FTP creds supplied

    You relied 3 minutes later @ 1:29pm with an updated user name for the creds

    We replied 1 hour and 6 minutes later @ 2:35pm that we still where not able to access via FTP and to check the creds again

    Your next reply on the forum was 6 days later on the 27th May @ 8:27am with updated FTP creds as a Private post.

    We replied to you 3 hours and 48 minutes later @ 12:15pm that we where still having issues accessing your site via FTP

    You replied 6 minutes later @ 12:21pm advising with some more info by private replied re accessing your site via FTP

    We replied 17 minutes later @ 12:36pm that we where still having issues

    We then replied again 8 minutes later @ 12:44pm that we had been able to successfully access via FTP

    We then replied by a private post 55 minutes later @ 1:39pm that we had found the issue and added a fix to your site – tested it and it work fine – the post was made private because it contained a screenshot that had sensitive information – without the sensitive information is said:

    Hi Brian
    I just have detect, and seem the problem from formidable plugin you are using for the site, the subject title is encoding and when show it as html on email content then it just show those string …..

    So it’s not bug from our plugin, just have a solution that don’t include the header or don’t include the subject title into content email like what you made before, you can custom the template for header easy by copy the email_header.html from our plugin to your child theme into this path /wp-content/themes/your_theme/emails/email_header.html
    I have tried update for you and it’s working now without the subject title on email content.
    With custom template put into the child theme, it does not lost when you upgrade new version of plugin, so you can upgrade to latest version of plugin on future without any problem

    We then replied again 2 hours and 6 minutes later @ 3:45pm that we had applied full compatibility to the WP Email Template plugin both Pro and Lite version for the Formidable Forms plugin and that we had removed the custom code from your site, and upgrade the WP Email Template plugin on your site for you. We even went as far as crediting you in the changelog with your help with creating that

    I have upgraded the WP Email Template plugin on your site and removed the code I added to your theme. Here is the changelog

    = 1.4.2 – 2015/05/27 =
    * Tweak – called add_filter( ‘frm_encode_subject’) to disable encoding subject title from Formidable Forms plugin
    * Fix – correct the path of custom template for email_header.html and email_footer.html when checking to get custom template
    * Credit – Thanks to Brian Childers for reporting the Formidable Forms conflict and the access to his site to find and fix the issue.

    Not only did we do that but we reached out to the Formidable Forms people about the issue

    Brian we have posted a new issue on the Formidable Forms plugins Github repo so their devs are aware of the issue and hopefully will in their next version either remove the subject title encoding from their plugin or add a setting allowing users to turn it OFF.

    Thank you for the access to your site to find and resolve this issue with the Formidable Forms plugin

    Note: I have remove custom email_header.html that i put into your child theme for don’t include the email subject title before i fixed the problem, and i also upgrade the WP email template plugin for you.


    On the Formidable forms Github issue tracker the developer replied to our issue post 2 days later on the 29th of May acknowledging the issue and adding it to their developer roadmap.

    The subject is encoded for UTF-8 characters. You can read more here:

    With English-only sites, turning off the encoding will likely not make a difference. We’ve been considering adding an option for this, so I’ll add it to our roadmap.

    Since that last post to the forum 23days ago we have had no reply from you on that forum until today I see your 2 Star rating of our ‘horrible support’?

    On the a3rev support forum your Issue tag [ Plugin Conflict] and the Topic status was changed to [ Patch Released]. When you had not replied to the forum in 2 weeks the topic was closed.

    If you are still experiencing issues we cannot know about that unless you tell us. If you are please open another topic on the forum and we will help you some more with our ‘horrible support’


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