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    I would have given at least 4 stars for a nice plugin that works most of the time as intended. However, customer support – which is paid – is non-existent, at least it wasn’t for me. I have twice opened a “support ticket” with them and never received an answer. 2 months have passed since and still no response after reporting the bug where the Wholesale Plugin renders bogus totals in Cart if a currency converter plugin is also used (used WOOCS at the time). Now, after their non-supportive silence, they notify me to pay for another “support subscription”. When I point to them the fact that they never answered my tickets in the first place, they shamelessly blame my spam folder. It doesn’t seem curious for them that marketing emails pass through just fine while support alleged-responses get ditched by my very selective spam filter. Nice plugin. Non-existent support. Arrogant and deceiving attitude towards customers.

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  • Plugin Author jkohlbach


    Hi Costel,

    I’ve emailed you a couple of times and Ray from support has also responded to you on our support system on 3 separate occasions over the last 2 months. Within 24 hours of each time to your submitted tickets.

    There appears to be a problem with your email and none of our replies are getting through. You mention a selective spam filter in your review… perhaps this is because these emails would be coming from our support system (Groove) vs. the transactional emails which come via our site’s mailing service.

    In any case, there was no way for us to know you weren’t receiving our emails and we have followed up multiple times.

    Can you please check your spam folder for the two emails sent today (one from me and one from Ray)?

    Regarding your original issue:

    Based on your two prior tickets we actually initiated and completed a full integration with WOOCS (

    You just need to update to get it working, which is what we’ve been trying to tell you via email.

    We stand by our customer support and want to fix any issues you have. Would be much appreciated if you could adjust your review, we are not ignoring you.

    Josh (CEO)

    Thread Starter bec os


    Hi Josh,

    I have searched and did NOT find any email responses regarding the issue I raised two times in your paid support ticket system. Neither in email folders nor in Spam.

    I have a pre-purchase email response originated 12/7/2019 from after asking if the WOOCS is specifically supported by your plugin, to which I received the response that is not. I initiated this conversation from your Contact Form.

    I also opened a ticket on 12/16/2019 where I suggested an improvement for displaying the percentage of the WS price next to the price and also received an email responding that the request “was sent to developers for review. However, we can’t guarantee an ETA for this”.

    Aside from this communication I only received marketing emails from you, including the one inviting me to renew the subscription for “support” two days ago.

    I also have two emails originated yesterday and today from the same email address mentioned above, as a response to my public rating and feedback which drew your attention. You indicate there two screenshots with responses I have never received. As I said in the first place: they are definitely NOT in my Spam folder and maybe you should verify the way your ticketing system works, as well.

    I will take your word for sending them since I do not have the email responses on my side.

    Now you see how soft requests seem to pass through to you during the first year of paid support subscription and I did receive a response to them. However, the bug reports regarding the cart displaying wrong numbers for WOOCS converted currencies for which I raised two tickets, somehow never reach me with a response.

    By the way, after opening these two consecutive bug-reporting tickets I DID receive the automated confirmation email, so the “spam magnet” argument for your responses seems thin.

    The rating came from frustration, obviously. It is this feeling that you simply don’t want to respond to support tickets in a system that you, kind of, lead people to pay for, including here in the forum. I’ve seen several times how you tell people to open a ticket (of course, they have to pay for that support) for their questions. I understand that support may be valuable and a business model for you, but you must also be sure it works. Both ways.

    I have checked now the integration with WOOCS (which was deactivated so far) and indeed it works now, so thank you for solving this, at least.


    C. B.

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    Plugin Author jkohlbach


    Totally understand the frustration.

    And we definitely weren’t ignoring you on purpose, actually, we weren’t even aware of a problem until we received your most recent email reply to the license renewal email saying we hadn’t responded.

    The comment I made about the spam folder was based on past experiences. In all the times I’ve experienced this emailing issue with customers, 95% of the time it was in the spam folder. But indeed, it might not be the cause. Another reason might be if your mail host has unintentionally blocked some of our email sending servers (I’ve had this happen once before).

    It seems like emails from our mailing service (MailGun) are getting through. This covers order confirmations, license renewal emails, and support contact form confirmation emails.

    We’ve also sent emails from our Gsuite account. I’m not sure if they came through as I didn’t get any reply? I sent two yesterday and Ray sent one (screenshots below so you can filter for the date/time.. that’s in AEST timezone btw).

    And also it seems our emails from support system Groove (who use SendGrid I believe) are not getting through at all. Screenshots are below too for time stamps (again in AEST).

    The weird thing is, I’m not getting any email bouncebacks on either of those services. But I’m already following up with Groove so they can scour the logs and make sure.

    Here are some screenshots of the emails:
    My first response once I became aware of the issue: [redacted]

    Ray’s response via support:

    His two screenshots of prior replies:

    And my final direct email after Ray sent his reply (I just wanted to make sure it came through):

    And after that final email, I noticed the review here which is when I responded above.

    Again, I’m really sorry about the situation here but it’s completely unintentional. There is genuinely some sort of issue happening with the emails.

    The reason we ask people to raise tickets is that we aren’t allowed to support premium products on these forums (

    You’re more than welcome to test emailing me directly at josh [at] or josh [at] and we can try and figure the email issue out so we can restore communications here. Just let me know when you’ve sent one by replying to this thread. I really don’t’ want you to be without support for a product you paid for and are relying on for your business.


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