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  • Some people here are complaining that there are no documents or settings. That seems to be true, but actually this plugin would only need 1 FAQ answer to document itself.

    After installing plugin:

    1. Go to Settings > DW Shortcode and either leave Bootstrap CSS and Javascript on if they are not in your theme yet

    2. Go to edit a page or a post and you will notice that some new icons have been added to your TinyMCE editor toolbar (Fluid grid, buttons, icons, notifications, tabs, collapse).

    3. Click one of the tools in the toolbar and you will get a menu of options. Pick what you want

    4. Shortcodes are added to your post

    Note: Shortcodes for Fluid grid didn’t work without editing the result a little bit in the Text -view of the editor, because for somereason some extra ‘
    ‘ were added in the mix. After removing those, it worked.

    If you want to see examples of how things would or should look like, see Twitter Bootstrap documentation:

  • When previewing, if a button doesn’t look like button or Grid doesn’t look like grid, you probably don’t have Twitter Bootstrap css and Javascript in your theme so check that settings to use them are activated in plugin settings and theme supports them.

    (p.s. I had to look under the hood at the code to understand all of this i.e. to notice that the options were actually in the TinyMCE editor)

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