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    Sorry for this issue! Could you please provide a little more info? I’d love to help sort this out for you. Can you tell me:

    – Active plugins
    – Client Dash version
    – WordPress version

    Also perhaps a screenshot or screencast?

    Also, look for the release of version 2.0 in the near future, as it will introduce a new system and definitely work for plugin submenus.

    Thanks, hope I can help out!

    if was meant to work then I could try to fix it – but since you’re saying version 2.0 will have this feature I’m a bit confused about whether or not it’s expected behaviour or not – it did not display the plugin submenus no matter what I tried but like I said I never suspected a plugin conflict – can you clarify whether it’s meant to display them or not IN THIS CURRENT VERSION

    Plugin Author joelworsham


    It is meant to display plugin submenus. You should see something similar in the submenu area:

    Can you supply some more information about your website from above? Also, if you could tell me what role you are trying to create a menu for, that would help as well.


    yes I had that – but those are not from plugins – ( tools & settings are not from plugins they’re from the vanilla install ) … the submenu items for my plugins didn’t show up – also even though I see URE in your screenshot because it generates a submenu under the tools menu I am referring to the submenus for the actual installed plugin itself – eg caldera forms to pick an example has “forms” “extend” and “support”

    Plugin Author joelworsham


    Thanks for the info and for the example to test with.

    I looked into it further and you are right! There was a bug preventing the Plugin sub-menu block with being populated properly. I have corrected the issue and pushed a patch.

    Could you please update to v1.6.18 and see if the problem is resolved?

    actually I can’t easily do that – I was deploying a site and I switched to a different solution – but I will definitely use this in the future and I’m sure you probably nailed it – thanks – I’ll take your word for it and change my review to 5 stars because I think the plugin deserved that but for this issue. Glad to have helped sorry I should have put in a support ticket probably

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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