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  • Patrik


    The new plugin is working locally without any cloud stuff again – wonderful! I hope that it may stay on local storage in the feature.

    Basically a very nice plugin, but it seems that since version 4.0 cloud storage is required. Sorry, but my interest in this plugin is gone – such private data I want to save on my own infrastructure and not to transmit them to any external (cloud) storage or whereever.

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  • Hi patschi,

    From a performance, security and technology standpoint, we believe all of the changes introduced in Stream 2.0 are for the best and are in the best interest of our users.

    It would mean a lot to me if you could take a look at a recent interview on WP Tavern where I dive into some of the technical reasons why Stream has shifted to the cloud.

    Interview With Stream Project Lead, Frankie Jarrett

    I understand even if you totally disagree, no problem at all. I just wanted to pass along the information. I sincerely hope you will consider trying Stream again some time in the future.

    Thread Starter Patrik


    Hi Frankie,

    After reading the interview I can understand your decision to switch to a cloud solution. But still I personally do not like the new way you want to go with the cloud strategy.

    I do not like to send private logging stuff over HTTPS to an external server, which is also maybe located in the USA with a average higher ping from a server located in Germany. In these times about the NSA-scandal (just an example) I do not want to transmit more data than I really need to – I like to keep them somewhere on my local network. I am absolutely not paranoid, but there are things, where I can not really see why this is absolutely needed.

    The argument with the hacker and the security has its advantages, but I also can live without, because I mostly just use it to get an overview of the users, that they are not doing anything crap with the WordPress instance – nothing more. The MySQL database is isolated and not on the same server as the website, which gives more security too plus the firewall is scanning for possible attacks like SQL injections, remote command executions and such things, so I think the data is secure enough from unauthorized views.

    My optinion is that storing the logs to a local MySQL server, with an Hardware RAID controller with cache in the background does provide an enough fast MySQL server to generate reports in an acceptable timeframe without such a cloud feature. The site is not saving that much data per hour neither the speed of genereating reports plays an important role. I can understand that maybe MySQL is not the best database to implement such features, but it does its job too.

    I really would like to get the possibility back to be able to save the logs my own again. Good work you have done, I really respect your work and appreciate it, but I will stay on the 1.x version.

    Best regards,

    With all due respect, Frankie, since you moved it to the cloud it doesn’t work properly. I can live with log data from most sites I work on living in the cloud, but the timeout errors make it infuriating to use. On Twitter yesterday you address the problem with: “Looks like some small Amazon teething issues. Should be back to normal shortly.” Clearly that’s *not* the case.

    I overrid the silly 5 second WordPress default to http_request_timeout with:

    function op_http_request_timeout($time) {
    return 10;
    add_filter(‘http_request_timeout’, ‘op_http_request_timeout’);

    … and that helped yesterday. Today it’s not. I set it up to 30 seconds and it still generates the “Stream API Timeout” error (“30001” as a result of my tweak. So I set it to 60 seconds, and the script actually terminates unceremoniously because PHP/Apache max_execution_time is also 60 seconds. So I set them both to 5 minutes and it’s *still failing* — it doesn’t appear your servers are responding at all.


    Hi Carolos! We are actively investigating these timeout errors that some users are reporting now. It’s been hard to pin point. I will update you here with the status.

    Hi Patrik,

    With Stream 3.0, we’ve rethought the way we’re handling the records. Everything’s local now, nothing stored in the cloud and no registration.

    It would be great if you could test it out, and let me know how you go. If you like it, please consider changing your review.


    Thread Starter Patrik


    Thanks for letting me know that, Luke! I’m testing it in my staging environment and updating my rate afterwards.

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