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  • The functionality of this plugin is good, and it’s very easy to work with. I would highly recommend it and even purchase the Pro version if it wasn’t for a couple of things:

    1. When you install Adrotate free it places a menu item in your left menu. Fine. But also a menu item called “Feedback” which doesnt do anything. VERY annoying.

    2. Adrotate Free places an advertisement in your WordPress dashboard which is persistent. You can’t close it. VERY annoying and makes me NOT want to buy the Pro version.

    3. Statistics is a little too light. You can’t for instance filter ads based on the groups they are in. Meaning if you have a lot of ads in various groups, you can’t se stats for ads just in one group.

    4. You can sort ads based on date, shows, and clicks. But not on the column CTR, meaning I really can’t sort ads based on best performers.

    5. There’s no import function. I can export ads to CSV, but not import. So if I want to copy my 200 ads from one site to another, there’s no easy way to do that.

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