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  • The graphics that you use in this plugin are distracting away from the quality of the coding and support. I’m not trying to be harsh, but the graphics look a little like a clown got spun through a blender and the results became the theme.

    I had to drop this because it looked too cheesy. I know it’s a great plugin, but ugly is ugly.

    Maybe find a friend who is a designer and come up with something more stylish? Just a thought.

    It’s still worth using, It’s a great plugin, It’s not pretty though, It’s like Gimp gone wild (for me).

    ~ Corey

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  • Plugin Author Josh


    Thanks Corey.

    Well, you know what they say about opinions 😉

    Yes, I completely agree with you. It is definitely time for an overhaul on the styling used in the plugin.

    I’ll get to this as time permits.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and rating!

    Stay Cool 🙂

    Thread Starter netpotion


    I hear ya on the opinions thing. I spread mine around too much – methinks. 😉

    I really do think it would enhance sales though. It’s a great program that is well supported. You wouldn’t paint a Mercedes with the remains of a frog, having been blended – would you? (Hopefully you wouldn’t blend a frog in the first place!)

    Something sleek would be awesome. Heck, you could even make themes and sell them as add-ons! A guy needs to make a buck in this world – am I right?

    Take care & good luck Josh. =)


    Plugin Author Josh


    Lol.. love it!!

    I believe you just may have prompted me to want to get back into this again. We are finishing an extremely complicated project with a text tracking system, incorporated with an advanced commenting system.

    Something which will make an excellent addition to Pro 😉

    But yes, I’ll re-vamp the free version… and, as my favorite network chef would say, “Bam… kick it up a notch!”.

    Thanks my friend.. please feel free to shoot any more ideas you come up with my way!

    Best of luck to you as well!!

    Thread Starter netpotion


    Glad to hear it Josh! Keep up the good work. =)

    Plugin Author Josh


    Sooo… I have to ask what you think of the “renovation” on the plugin.


    Thread Starter netpotion


    I loved it from the start Josh. 😉

    Look back on WPMU and you’ll see that I made sure you made the list of recommended replacement text editors.

    But yes, good job. =)

    You’re a good dude.

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