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  • Hi guys…
    Nice plugin.. but I noticed the following possible bug thought about reporting it to you:

    1) It does NOT exclude users if there’s a dash in the username?
    so hiddenusers=author-abc
    is not hidden… because of the dash in the userID

    2) When using shortocde [authoravatars],
    Is there is a way to align the avatars to the left? align=left doesn’t seem to be working?

    3) When I used the following attributes:
    show_biography=true show_name=true render_as_list=true

    The list was way off!
    I mean no author (except the first one), has his avatar/bio/name aligned correctly… its like everything is shifted (depending on bio length).. so by the time you reach the end of the list… its like 5-7 lines off of where it should be 🙂

    4) Is there is anyway to add a box around each author?
    I mean a box that contains his/her name/avatar & bio
    to separate the author from the next one.

    All in all… good job and it does what it promise… just I wish if you take care of the above points (if these are bugs/improvements you’re welling to take care of).

    Thanks 🙂

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    last question:
    Is it possible it pulls other data from the user’s profile?
    I mean other than the name & bio?

    Things like linkedin links, twitter UserID, Facebook page, link to author’s website…

    These are all data in the individual profiles (not all authors have them), but I was wondering if there is a way to display that as well (in addition to bio & names).
    Thank you 🙂

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