• Good plugin overall with all the add-ons.
    1) Very powerful. Can build extremely simple or complicated project management tool without much coding knowledge. A limited coding knowledge will bring this to the next level.
    2) Good documentation (helpful when stuck). Highly recommend to read basic doc to get familiarized with terminology (client, client user, owner, etc).
    3) Was able to create decent working website in 24 hours (not bad for me this was first time building project management site for a client).
    4) Helpful and timely response from tech support – came within 24 hours.

    1) A bit pricey given that some add-ons are a must and cost eventually adds up. Currently 50% sale makes it much more reasonable / competitive.
    2) No support to save uploaded files on cloud directly bypassing WP/server folders. Integration with a cloud plugin will be great (have recommended this to developer).

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