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  • Nice plugin but the girl in the title image is a bit distracting since it looks a bit scary.

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  • Jason


    See FAQ #9 if you’d like to hide the image:

    Thanks but you better use something attractive to attract people than using a scary pic to repel people.

    Creepy image, but to give the plugin 3 stars? This plugin is five star fantastic. No frills and works without a hitch.

    well he can always change the creepy image so I will give the 5 stars.

    I gave his plugin 4 stars for the plugin. -1 star for the creepy image.
    I hope it’s fine.

    Right on dude, I totally think that is reasonable. I personally think the image is a dumb choice to represent a solid plugin like this, however, I appreciate the fact that this guy dedicated so much time to create it. And like we have a right to rate his plugin how we see fit, he also has that same right to do what he pleases with his creation. But yeah, that’s cool you have uped it to 4 stars, totally fair. Take care and enjoy your weekend.



    What can I say, I like dark, creepy imagery! Also I’m a lousy graphic designer. But I understand some people don’t want to see the image which is the reason for the setting to hide it.



    I sometimes feel like I’m in an asylum when trying to convey to people not to upload 8 megapixel images, so I totally get it! Nice plugin, thanks!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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