• Good plugin, will return to it in the future.

    Pros for me
    No need for user login (that can put people off)
    Nice modern visual presentation.
    Good responsive development team, while at the moment its not for me, a refund was quickly given.
    good value for money

    Cons for me
    I want a lot of people (100k+) to do a quick survey, I needed the results out in excel so I can use the data. Talked to the developers and they are working on a new version, so while this is a con, this is only for now. You do get an email with the answers but as there is no question numbering system the email is hard to use and the prospect of trying to use the data that way isnt feasible.
    Be careful when making the test as it will take you much more time than you think to make; dragging, typing and checking on a second device etc. save alot ! If you type a long question the styling forces it to flip into a second question. suggest you pre write your questions in a text box or word first. Dont try and “think type think” in the plugin.

    Also no option for 1 question per page.

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